In-House Legal Counsel

We offer in-house legal counsel to assist in such services as leasing, eviction, collection, document preparation and review, acquisiton negotiation and facilitation, consultation on tax and employment law, and litigation services.

Property Management

While owning commercial property can be a challenge, selecting the right Property Management company can be even more challenging. Let us help you make that decision a little easier. Why Kingstone Properties? Our goal is to maintain and enhance the financial success of your property while freeing you from the day-to-day management tasks so that you can achieve the return on investment you expect and profit as passively as possible.

Kingstone Properties specializes in the management of rental properties including single and multi-family homes, apartment buildings, condominium associations, office buildings, and retail properties in the Los Angeles area. With an in-house legal department to facilitate the efficient management of your property, and the sophisticated software necessary to ensure its successful operation, our comprehensive management service is delivered by a professional management staff that will allow you the freedom you are looking for when hiring a management company.

Our comprehensive management services remove the headaches and stress of ownership. Our clients feel confident that their properties and tenants are getting the care and attention that is needed. You will find that Kingstone Properties is the most advanced management company in Los Angeles County and our management services are consistently updated to meet the challenging demands of the marketplace. With a strong management company, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without having the headaches that sometimes accompany the management of your investment.


The first step Kingstone Properties generally takes with potential property owners is scheduling a property evaluation meeting. At the initial meeting, we will identify owner expectations and establish what services will be requested of us. Further, this meeting will help to identify existing problems, act as a forum to discuss potential solutions, answer your questions and establish goals for your property. After the initial evaluation meeting, we will do a property review (or "walk-through") to fully understand the scope of the management needs. Once the property walk through has been completed, we will create a proposal package with a contract for your review. The fee for our full-service management ranges from 3% to 8% of collected revenues, depending on the size and complexity of management.

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